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Write Your Words

What You'll Learn

The Write Motivation is a class designed to help writers unleash their creativity and elevate their prose. Like elite athletes who improve performance by learning how to get into and stay in “the zone,” successful writers must accomplish a similar feat. The Write Motivation provides key insights to help writers find their “writing zone.”

During the two-hour, five week course, participants will learn:

  • Two distinct writing modes all writers must grasp to become successful
  • How to stay motivated
  • Methods to find saleable ideas
  • Concepts and techniques to elevate your prose
  • Why too much description can short circuit the story
  • How to create satisfying plots
  • Query letter creation
  • Guidelines for submitting your work
  • The pros and cons of traditional publishing vs. self-publishing

When and Where

The next Write Motivation course will be in the fall of 2020. Use the contact form below if you’d like to get on the notification list.

What It Costs

Cost is $199 for the two-hour, five-week course.

While open to any type of writer, The Write Motivation best suits those penning novels, short stories, magazine articles, essays, and blogs

REFUND POLICY: Full refund up to 15 days before class, minus any transaction fees. Within 14 days of the class, refund is 50% of class cost, however, the registrant may take any future class by paying the refunded amount only.

What's Next

The Write Motivation II

This advanced class is open to any graduate of The Write Motivation and is a three-week intensive workshop that builds on the concepts and techniques learned in the first workshop.

A combination of instruction, writing exercises, and in-class discussion, participants will learn how to critique fiction and non-fiction as well as create and complete query letters for  novels, articles, and other work. This class is recommended for writers who wish to stay motivated and continue their journeys forward.

The next Write Motivation class will be in the fall of 2020. Use the contact form below if you’d like to get on the notification list.

“Great class and just the jump start I needed. Thanks to Chris and Dena, as well as several fellow classmates who continue to meet regularly, I have started my blog, written four short stories, and have a good grip on a novella. Can’t beat that for The Write Motivation!”

Linda Stansbury

Meet Your Instructor

Christopher Laney is a writer/speaker/entrepreneur who loves to share what he’s learned with others. He has owned and grown two separate multi-million dollar businesses where writing skills were invaluable to their success. As a pilot, Christopher drew upon his life experience both in and out of the cockpit to pen the blog Lessons from the Cockpit, which is now part of his personal website at ChristopherLaney.com He has also written for a wide variety of magazines and websites.