To create the life you want, you must first imagine it. . . Then believe you can have it. . . It may take effort to make it happen, but that's where the real adventure and growth await. I want to help you on this journey by sharing my discoveries, missteps, and successes. . . Because we are all learning. . . everyday. And we need each other's help.

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A Course in Nature

From the deck of our oceanfront rental, I watched my boys play in the sand. “Play” is probably the wrong word. Looked more like work to me.…

A sand castle on the beach on a sunny day

When a Flaw Becomes a Strength

I drive through an old neighborhood on my way to the office and back every day. It’s the highlight of my commute because I like to pass…

A tree stump resting in front of a lake with mountains in the background

Watch the Moments

Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves. My friend’s dad used to say that often. It sounds old-fashioned in this day…

No Coincidences

Have you ever watched a movie that follows multiple characters over a period of time as they unknowingly weave in and out of each others…

tan colored, spiral shell with a blue background

The Bright Side of Storms

Pilots of small planes give thunderstorms a wide berth. Accidentally flying into a brewing system is feared by many aviators and I’m no…

A Magical Power

Hundreds of years ago, remote communication on earth didn’t extend beyond smoke signals, drums in the night, or the written and spoken word…

cell phone with blue skies and clouds on the screen

How to Foster Peace and Limit Stress

When I started training for my pilot license, I was amazed at how I felt after a flight ended. If I ever lifted off from a bleak world, one…

Remember What You Came Here to Do

I’m a sucker for a distraction. I often walk into my home office with a specific purpose in mind only to waste precious time doing…

message in a clear glass bottle sticking up out of the sand

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