To create the life you want, you must first imagine it. . . 

Then believe you can have it. . .

It may take effort to make it happen, but that's where the real adventure and growth await.

I want to help on this journey by sharing my discoveries, missteps, and successes.

Because we are all learning. . .  everyday.

And we need each other's help.

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Who IS this Guy?

And why should I read his stuff?

Life Force

I’ve penned Lessons from the Cockpit for over four years and in all those posts I don’t believe I’ve written one as important as this. If…

River running through the mountains

Raising Fools – Part 2

Continued from Raising Fools - Part 1 I’m lying with my upper back flat while the rest of me twists to the left, right knee…

Young child doing a cartwheel outside in the sunshine

Raising Fools

We have three boys, all with different personalities yet similar in so many ways. When the oldest was eleven or so, I’d often walk into the…

statue of a fool jester standing on one foot while balancing something on one finger

Expand Your World

Conventional wisdom says aquarium fish only grow as large as the tank will support. I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m willing to bet…

goldfish jumping out of the water into a larger bowl

The Transmission of You

For those of you who still listen to the radio, perhaps you have a favorite station you tune in to on the way to work everyday. What if a…

Red and white radio tower with half a moon in the distance

Let Nature Spill In

Our upstairs air conditioner stopped working one Friday evening in late May. I almost called the repair guy but held off. Waiting until…

Nothing is Impossible

What in your world do you define as impossible, that you wish weren't? To make a living as a painter? To run your own business? To travel…

Two palm trees on an island floating above the clouds with a large moon in the background

An Empty Space

I never thought about the old man until I’d see him on my way home. If the weather was good, he’d be there, sitting on his porch at the…

Empty red chair sitting in a field of grass

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