Two monks meditating

Book Recommendation: “Lessons from the Monk I Married”

I’ve been running full steam over the last six months with a new business…

Row of Christmas ornaments sitting in snow

No “L”

It looked as if a forest had exploded. Green pine needles littered our…

Empty red chair sitting in a field of grass

An Empty Space

I never thought about the old man until I’d see him on my way home. If the…

Fun break blowing bubbles in a field

Talk Some Nonsense Into Me

For readers who know me only from the blog, in my other life I run an…

Procrastination Paradox: Why Done is Better than Great

Procrastination sucks. If there is one thing that has slowed me down in…

White Piano on Water

Mistakes Fuel Growth (The Pianist Who Almost Wasn’t)

Hate making mistakes? Me too. But unless you never attempt anything hard,…

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