large zipper in the sky

Life & Whatnot

When I started Lessons from the Cockpit last year, my goal was simple:…

Cloud shaped like a music note in the sky

Colin Hay – A Man Among Men

My music collection is eclectic. If there is one thing in life I strive to…

Rainbow over a grassy meadow

The Sunny Side

Yesterday I was guest speaker at the Greensboro Optimist Club. I gave…

Planet earth, rising sun and moon

Notes from the Universe

I have something to share with you. It’s going to sound strange, but here…

Paper airplane soaring through the sky


I want to take a moment to thank all the readers of Lessons from the…

Wooden lawn chair on the beach

Make the Most of Every Moment

College has been a hot topic in our house. Two weeks ago, we moved TJ, our…

Someone helping another person up a mountain

With a Little Help from My Friends

A few months ago I wrapped up the fall session of the creative writing…

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