long road surrounded by a large field

Reach Your Dreams: You CAN Get There From Here

One luxury of flying an airplane is you travel straight to your destination. Barring an obstacle…

Stones stacked up onto of each other with ocean in view

Find Your Balance to Find Your Wings

Balance is critical in aviation. Flying a plane that has a center of gravity too far forward or aft…

mix of white and grey, stormy clouds in the sky

Unexpected Turbulence: Navigating Life’s Jolts

This might come as a shocker, but aviation weather forecasters don’t always get it right. The…

flock of whooper swans flying in formation

Follow Your Inner Compass: How to Listen to the Voice Inside You

If you ask a pilot how he navigates, how he knows which direction to fly, the acronym GPS will…

green stop sign with the words

Who Stole the Go Signs?

There are no signs in the sky—well, at least no man made signs. I like this. One of the reasons I…

little girl standing on father's shoulders while he holds her hands

Sustain or Drain? Minding the Company You Keep

Flying sustains me. When I walk away from my airplane after a flight, I have tremendous energy, and…

dandelion with petals releasing in the breeze

White-Knuckle Living: How to Succeed by Letting Go

Early in my flight lessons, my instructor called attention to the death-grip I had on the plane’s…

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