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When I started Lessons from the Cockpit last year, my goal was simple: write satisfying stories—I hoped—about lessons I’d learned from either flying my plane or flying through life. But I often want to share tidbits with my readers that don’t necessarily fit into those criteria. Not everything I wish to relay is a story or has a lesson in it. Sometimes I just want to say, “I like this, and check it out if you think you’ll like it too.”

At first, I toyed with creating a separate page on my website for these random posts, but after talking to writer friends I trust, they convinced me these entries were better left on the main page. They are all part of this journey I’m on and who am I to say some readers won’t find a lesson or two in them.

So I will start including these posts on the main Lessons page, however I’ll create a new category called Life & Whatnot. This category will be a catchall for random thoughts, ramblings, cool things I want to share, and anything else I find interesting as I fumble through life trying to figure it out. The stories and lessons will not go away; you can still count on them as I have many more to share.

I hope you will continue to visit and read Lessons from the Cockpit as well as post your insightful comments. Your support makes my journey all the more enjoyable.

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