Goldfish flying out of a fishbowl

Make the Leap – Part 1

There is something you were meant to do. The fortunate among us know what that something is and are moving toward their goals. But for…

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butterfly flying out of someone's hands

Make the Leap – Part 2

When a caterpillar emerges from a chrysalis, does it know it has become a butterfly, or does it make a leap of faith from the empty husk? I…

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yellow balloon with a smiley face on it, floating up into the sky

Smile and the World Smiles With You

I found myself immersed in a sea of people last week, adrift in the ebb and flow of humanity at O’Hare Airport after I arrived in Chicago.…

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Billboard with a blue arrow pointing to the right on it

Cosmic Signposts

We all receive signs. Some of us just don’t notice. People call them different things: signs from the universe or signs from God. Both…

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Feather floating through the air

Airport Angel

Sometimes help not only comes when you least expect it, it can arrive in the most unlikely of forms. At least that was my experience three…

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Looking outside a window, at the view of clouds and blue skies, from the inside of a prison cell

You Can’t Soar from a Prison Cell

Imagine for a moment you're confined to a prison cell. It’s not the dark, dank room we’ve grown accustomed to expect from the movies, but…

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Airplane, taken at Air Harbor Airport

Into the Great Wide Now

Flaps, one notch. Mixture, rich. Sky, clear. Throttle, full. Brakes, released. The plane clings to the ground for an instant, Newton and…

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white door, open, showing the view of clouds and blue skies

The Space Between Life’s Lessons

Some of you may have noticed a lag between posts recently, which may imply I’m not writing as much. Au contraire. Last week I wrote at…

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Sideview of an airplane

The Passion for Planes, Paintings, and Pets

Passion. It sparks in radiant arcs when you discover it—or it discovers you. When you possess it, you couldn’t hide its warm glow if you…

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Pile of books on grass

Life is Rich

We’ve all heard the maxim, “The best things in life are free.” It’s true. But what about those great things in life that do cost something?…

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row of yellow school busses parked in a line

The School of Life

There’s no substitute for the school of life. Each of us is enrolled, like it or not. But we should like it. It’s the finest education…

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Follow the Glow: How to Discover Your Passion in Life

I'm pleased to announce my article Follow the Glow is featured on Rick Smith's website. Rick is the bestselling author…

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