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Life on Purpose

Lessons from the Cockpit is not about the plane. While I am a pilot, flying for me is more about freedom; it’s about viewing the world from a different perspective that gives new insight to old problems; it’s about the clarity gained from living in the moment when you leave your worries and doubts behind you on the ground so your spirit can soar. And, it’s about having fun. Those who have found true success know that having fun is a key ingredient.

The posts in Lessons from the Cockpit are for all life travelers who want to live at a higher level, who long to soar on the wings of their dreams.  We are all the pilots of our own lives and destinies, travelers who navigate from the cockpits of our hearts and minds. Both heart and mind are needed to succeed on the path to our dreams, but occasionally, it’s good to have reminders on how to best tap into their power.

Above all, Lessons from the Cockpit is about you, the person who strives to live life on purpose and make it meaningful. Welcome.

Christopher Laney

Posts to get you started:

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