To create the life you want, you must first imagine it. . . 
Then believe you can have it. . .
It may take effort to make it happen, but that's where the real adventure and growth await.
I want to help on this journey by sharing my discoveries, missteps, and successes. . .
Because we are all learning. . . everyday. And we need each other's help.


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Who IS this Guy?

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Mistakes Fuel Growth (The Pianist Who Almost Wasn’t)

Hate making mistakes? Me too. But unless you never attempt anything hard, making mistakes comes with living a full life. I've made a lot of…

White Piano on Water

Procrastination Paradox: Why Done is Better than Great

Procrastination sucks. If there is one thing that has slowed me down in life more than I care to admit, even though I’m doing so now, it’s…

Talk Some Nonsense Into Me

For readers who know me only from the blog, in my other life I run an information technology firm that helps multi-billion dollar…

Fun break blowing bubbles in a field

Three Concepts Aspiring Writers Should Know (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)

More people than you’d think harbor dreams of writing. This is apparent to me because when someone learns about my experience, I often…

notebook, pen, and coffee mug on table

How to Rise Above the Storm Clouds in Life

How do you feel when you walk outside to a bright blue sky? Good? I do. What if the day is dark, with rainclouds hanging low? Different…

staircase going upward into a cloudy, blue sky

The Best Ways to Find Shark Teeth at the Beach

I’ve been addicted to hunting shark teeth on beaches for a long time. The activity is meditative and helps clears my mind, at least until…

Large Shark Fin Gliding in Blue Water

Why You Should Keep a Journal and How It Will Change Your Life

If there is one activity that has vastly improved my life in multiple ways, it’s journaling. I’ve mentioned this to numerous people who’ve…

A notebook with a drawing of a cloud with the words

What Fills Your World?

I sometimes envy people who travel the world with everything they own slung over their shoulders in a backpack. How carefree it must be to…

Beautiful spring weather, three balloons flying over the field. The huge field of white, red and yellow buttercups (Ranunculus asiaticus).

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