Hand pointing upward toward the skyWhenever I lift my eyes toward the sky, my mood improves. I noticed this a long time ago and have always assumed my fondness of that vast expanse above triggered it, an inner kid spellbound by countless shades of blue and an ever-changing cloudscape.

But now I question that assumption, that the sky itself lifted my mood. I believe my appreciation of the sky camouflaged the real reason. This aha moment surfaced as I paid closer attention to my subdued moods, catching myself ruminating over life’s challenges and annoyances, some laughable in their insignificance. In each instance I noticed I was looking down and the simple act of looking up produced a positive shift in my mood. It didn’t matter whether my eyes turned toward the sky, or toward the ceiling, the same effect occurred.

I wonder if this physical act of mood improvement has always been subtlety acknowledged in our collective consciousness? Some common cliches make me believe so: Keep your chin up. Hold your head high.

Don’t take my word for it. Wherever you are right now, look up, beyond eye level to the heavens, to the sky, to the ceiling. What do you feel? If it works for you, use it whenever you find yourself in a darker mood. Nothing could be simpler.

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