Lightening striking through grey stormy clouds with a sunset in the distancePilots of small planes give thunderstorms a wide berth. Accidentally flying into a brewing system is feared by many aviators and I’m no exception. But in my everyday life on the ground, thunderstorms elicit a different response. They excite me.

When I’m outside on a hot day devoid of wind and a sudden breeze cools the back of my neck, I’ll sometimes turn to see dark clouds building over the horizon. The temperature ticks down several degrees before the wind starts to gust, the updrafts making the nearby trees flash the pale green underbellies of their leaves. When the day goes dark and distant thunder rumbles, my body begins to brim with energy. In these moments it’s easy to imagine a cosmic force has torn an invisible rift between worlds and who knows what awaits on the other side?

Why do storms energize me so? They bring damage, they bring loss. Sometimes they bring death. I don’t want that for anyone.

But storms also bring change. Storms roll in when you’ve had six scorching days in a row and they douse the heat. They arrive in the midst of stale routine to shake you awake. As thunderstorms advance, you sense larger forces at work and you know, in their aftermath, you may not be the same person you were before. Even if you are someone who doesn’t like change, the storms of life keep you alert, they push you forward, they keep you growing. Because without change, there is no growth.

The next time a storm enters your life, consider embracing the change it brings, and the inevitable growth.

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