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Who IS this guy and why should I read his stuff?

I’m a person with dreams, aspirations, fears, and worries. A guy who’s trying to live his best life possible and share what I learn along the way. As for living the best life possible, I’m succeeding in some ways and falling short in others. But falling short only means I haven’t succeeded in that area yet. Falling short never keeps me from starting again to apply what I’ve learned so I can get further each time. As long as I don’t give up, mistakes and setbacks are not failures, only valuable experiences.

Most of all, I’m seeking meaningful connections in this world. Those connections include members of my tribe, individuals from diverse walks of life who believe:

  • You can create a meaningful, fulfilled life if you dream big and work hard to get it.
  • There is value in learning from others’ experiences to smooth your path toward success while minimizing missteps and mistakes.
  • There’s a universal force that guides and assists if we pay close enough attention and embrace what we discover.
  • True success isn’t necessarily about money and material things, that a rich life is made up of meaningful relationships and experiences.

As for reading my stuff…

That’s for you to decide. I don’t have all the answers. No one does. But if you share a similar life philosophy, then maybe you’ll recognize some of your own journey in these pages. I’ve had multiple successes in several aspects of life and have been derailed, temporarily, in others. Part of my goal is to pull back the curtain to share the good and the bad in my journey, what brought me to this point, as well as the steps I’m taking now to get closer to my ultimate destination. My hope is you’ll find something valuable here that helps on the path toward whatever fulfills you.

So… what successes have you had?

Success is relative. It’s up to individuals to decide whether they’re successful or not at something they attempt. What I’m most proud of is often different from what people congratulate me on. Read some of my posts and you’ll get insight into those private, internal successes, but here’s what seems to get the attention in the outside world:

  • Owned and grown two multi-million dollar businesses with the first one growing to 70+ employees and taking the current one to over 50 employees in less than four years. As CEO of Zenergy Technologies, I’m fortunate to work with great friends whose strengths make up for my many, many weaknesses.
  • Recognized by The Triad Business Journal in 2006 as one of its 40 Leaders under 40.
  • Won two Fast 50 awards from The Triad Business Journal for Zenergy’s accelerated growth.
  • Recognized as the 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year by The Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship.
  • Varsity lettered as a collegiate diver on the East Carolina University swim team
  • Thad Stem scholarship recipient for the arts
  • US Navy veteran. Awarded outstanding recruit in bootcamp and class honorman at the Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare School with the highest GPA in the institution’s history. Up and Comer Award for the USS Peterson, which sits on the bottom of the ocean now.
  • Writer for numerous magazines including feature articles
  • Developed and instruct The Write Motivation, a popular creative writing class
  • Lifelong fitness advocate with stints as group exercise instructor for Les Mills BODYPUMP and RPM
  • Winner of the Freedom Award from American Heroes for North Carolina. Check out the video.

What happened to Lessons from the Cockpit: Everyday Wisdom to Help Your Spirit Soar?

Lessons from the Cockpit posts have been rolled into this site. You can read them here. Over time, I felt limited in what I could write under the flying theme and eventually found myself posting less. There is much more to share so I created this site to go beyond flying-related posts and cover topics like business, fitness, writing, and more.

What else?

I live in Greensboro, North Carolina with my two younger boys. The oldest of the three boys lives in PA where he works for the Villanova Football program. Fitness is a big part of my life as is writing and growing my company. I have my private pilot license so I like to fly whenever I can, although that doesn’t happen nearly enough as most of my energy goes toward my boys, writing and the business.

New York Times bestselling author, John Hart, and me after taking him flying over his farmstead in Charlottesville, VA. John is a stand-up guy and great friend. Do yourself a favor and check out all six of his bestselling books including my favorites, The Last Child and Down River.
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