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When it comes to chasing our dreams, what are so many of us frightened of?

Who made the snide coworker judge and jury? Who made the absent parent, or the fringe friend, or some person we see once a year, the prophets of our destiny?

For some of us, we listen more to those infrequent influencers than we do to our own voices that tell us to chase our dreams.

And that is a shame.

The voice inside that encourages, that believes, that says you can be more than you are now, is genuine. That voice is closer to a godly presence than the masses of lone clergy who cordon themselves in pulpits and pretend to know more about us than we do ourselves.

We are all more powerful than we’ve ever imagined.

Yet we hold ourselves back not because we believe ourselves incapable, but because we think others do. The secret is, those others don’t discourage you because they believe you can’t achieve your dreams. They discourage you because they are scared that you will, that if you do reach them, those people will have an even tougher time staring at themselves in the mirror knowing they gave up on their own dreams.

We have more control over the world around us than we ever thought possible.

Don’t let the discouragers hold you back. You know what is right for you; you know what is true. Whenever you doubt yourself, whenever you hear internal voices chide you for thinking about chasing your dreams, realize those negative voices are not your own. Instead, they are simply echoes of some past influencers who tried to weigh you down with their own failures. Those demons belong to them, not you. Let them go.

You, my friend, are already whole.

You, are already perfect.

You, are ready.

You just need to trust yourself.

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