a little yacht on blue waterDoubt.

It’s arguably the single most insidious obstacle that stands between individuals and their dreams. There’s a wind that’s eager to propel us all toward those dreams, yet doubt keeps our sails furled and our anchors dug deep.

Few people are immune to doubt. Yet many of the most successful people in history experienced major doubt in their lives. Somehow, they managed to succeed in spite of it. How?

It’s simple really: successful people never let doubt stop them from taking action. They do instead of doubt.

What a difference three letters can make.

Action calms us even as it moves us forward. Doubt holds us back. Action provides critical insights we would never grasp if we had remained stationary. And action is never, ever, wasted, even if it’s in the wrong direction. Why? Because major success requires the hard-earned knowledge gained from failure. Show me someone who has never failed and I’ll show you someone with no useful experience.

From now on, when you find doubt seeping into your mind about any issue, do something! Don’t let doubtful thoughts paralyze you. Don’t let them force you to remain in the perceived safe harbor of procrastination and avoidance. Avoid action for too long and that “safe” harbor will eventually become landlocked.

Do instead of doubt.

Pick up anchor and set sail now. Every mile toward a new horizon reveals a vast world you’ve never seen before.

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