Red and white radio tower with half a moon in the distanceFor those of you who still listen to the radio, perhaps you have a favorite station you tune in to on the way to work everyday. What if a runaway truck demolished your car in the office parking lot one bright afternoon, with everything inside destroyed including the radio? Would you be devastated because your favorite station no longer exists?


You may be sad or mad that your car and radio were demolished, but you’d move on. You’d buy another car, maybe a new one with an improved radio. Then you’d tune right back in to your favorite frequency.

Always remember: Your body is the radio. Your soul, the essence of you, is the frequency. And that frequency is broadcast by a vast, universal “radio tower” that will never cease transmission. Events of the world will eventually demolish the receiver that is your body, but nothing will ever destroy the transmission that is you.

Live on.


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