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I’m a sucker for a distraction. I often walk into my home office with a specific purpose in mind only to waste precious time doing something unplanned. Maybe it’s grabbing a magazine off the desk to read a tempting article whose cover title is far better than the piece itself, or tumbling down the internet rabbit hole when I simply want to pay a bill online. The worst part is that after the detour ends, not only do I feel listless, I’m irritated because I find myself staring into space trying to remember what I originally came into the office do. Over the months, those small detours turn into long stretches of time I can’t account for… and will never get back. And what do I have to show for them?


The same thing happens to our lives. String together countless detours of unplanned activities and they can turn into a lifetime you can’t account for… and will never get back.

I believe we all stepped foot onto this earth, into these lives, to do something special. And that something special is probably a promise you made to yourself before you were even born. Some of us accomplish those promises, some of us don’t. For those who don’t, I believe they have forgotten what they came here to do. There is no shame in forgetting. We all do it from time to time. But if you have indeed forgotten, there is a problem if you aren’t trying to remember.

Make your life count by accomplishing what you came here to do. If you are having a tough time recalling what that is, shut off the internet, go for a walk, and try to remember.

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