Recreation airplane flying in the skyThis week I have a guest post on EXTRAordinary! Inc., the website of an excellent friend, Rich Schlentz. I first met Rich after he hired my wife as a wellness coordinator for one of the health clubs in town. He and I didn’t have much interaction at first, but over time, and over coffee, we came to know each other. I’m fortunate to have a lot of positive people in my life—it’s no secret that I try to surround myself with them—but Rich is in a league of his own. The man has an unshakable positive outlook on life that is infectious. I learn something from him every time we talk.

If you know Rich already, you understand what I’m conveying. If you don’t, I only hope you get the chance to know him one day. Click here to read my post, Wisdom to Know the Difference, but please make sure you check out the rest of Rich’s insights while you are there.

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